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One-on-one medical consultations

These one hour consultations focus on exploring your personal journey that brought you to this point physically, emotionally and spiritually. I then assist you in developing a customized treatment plan that may focus on nutrition, lifestyle changes, nutraceutical treatment programmes and even perhaps pharmaceutical interventions. This plan is derived with a deep emphasis on mutual responsibility between practitioner and patient (us) and empowers you (the patient/client) to take ownership of your health plan.

Intravenous nutrient treatment (drips)

IV treatments bypass the gut’s absorption pathway and as such are often more effective and faster acting than oral treatments (particularly when gut absorption is compromised in any way). These drips are designed to address the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Detox
  • Immune boosting
  • Endurance
  • Stress busting
  • Brain fog

Group work

“Each person is responsible for their wellness, and we don’t have to walk the path alone” ~ Dr Kelly Brogan

In an attempt to reach more people as well as to tap into the deeply powerful dynamic created by a group of people sharing a common space, I offer online group sessions that tackle specific issues shared by the participants. This allows greater accessibility to the Functional Medicine paradigm but also allows a deep sense of support to be gleaned and developed between the participants.

Workshops and speaking engagements

I run regular workshops and talks focusing on common functional medicine concepts and core treatment areas. You can view the Events calendar for a line up of these events as well as for bookings.

Support groups

I run a monthly chronic fatigue support group. Again please view my Events calendar for the relevant dates.

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