Integrative Medicine treats you, not the disease...

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Foremost, I’m a wife and mother. Second to that I’m a medical doctor intrigued by the human body’s incredible ability to strive to find balance. Lastly, I’ve come to realize I’m also a philosopher at heart which speaks into all the parts of who I am. 

My first passion is people, what makes them tick and who they are. My second passion is healing: particularly the patterns that limit us from living our whole lives and optimally expressing our genes/bodies potential.

Nicola Buchan Functional Medicine Doctor

My Services


medical consultations

These one hour consultations focus on exploring your personal journey that brought you to this point physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Intravenous nutrient
treatment (drips)

IV treatments bypass the gut’s absorption pathway and as such are often more effective and faster acting than oral treatments.

group work

I offer online group sessions that tackle shared issues, tapping into the powerful dynamic created by a group of people sharing a common space.

Workshops &
speaking engagements

I run regular workshops and talks on common functional medicine concepts and core treatment areas. Please view the Events calendar for a line up and bookings.


I run a monthly chronic fatigue support group. Again please view my Events calendar for the dates.
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